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When it comes to vehicles, there is no 'one size fits all'. There is a vehicle for every occasion! Whether it's a small desk or workshop machinery, there is a vehicle to suit your needs.

There are a few things you need to consider when deciding which vehicle is right for you. First, you need to ascertain the dimensions of what you are shipping. Then, you need to determine the weight. We have included a guide further down this page to help you decide which vehicle is right for your delivery requirements.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01462 337 271 or email where our team is on hand to help. 

We operate a fleet of fully insured vehicles with fully trained drivers. We pride ourselves on delivering your goods from A to B without a scratch. But, we understand that not every day is a perfect day. That is why we have Goods in Transit Insurance. This means that, should the worst happen, we are prepared. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry!

At Lorax Couriers, we take road safety very seriously. We make sure that all of our delivery drivers are courteous and show consideration to both pedestrians and other road users. If you see one of our vehicles behaving in a dangerous manner, please contact us immediately on 01462 337 271 or  email us the details to



smal van.jpeg

Small Van


Payload: 350kg
Length: 150cm
Height: 115cm
Width: 110cm
Pallet Capacity: 1 std

van 3m.jpeg

Short Wheel Base Van (2m)

Payload: 700kg
Length: 220cm
Height: 125cm
Width: 130cm
Pallet Capacity: 2 std

van 3m.jpeg

Long Wheel Base Van (3m)

Payload: 1350kg
Length: 330cm
Height: 175cm
Width: 130cm
Pallet Capacity: 3 std

van 4m.jpeg

Extra Long Wheel Base Van (4m)

Payload: 1050kg
Length: 410cm
Height: 175cm
Width: 130cm
Pallet Capacity: 4 std

van 2m.jpeg

Luton Box (tail-lift or/and curtain side)

Payload: 800kg
Length: 408cm
Height: 195cm
Width: 198cm
Tail-lift max load: 500kg
Pallet Capacity: 6 std

Screenshot 2023-12-04 134408_edited.jpg

7.5 Tonne Lorry (tail-lift)

Standard pallets:  10

Euro pallets: 12

Max payload: 2.5 tonne

18 Tonne Lorry (tail-lift + curtain side)

Standard pallets:  14

Euro pallets: 18

Max payload: 8.5 tonne

Artic Lorry (curtain side)

Standard pallets:  26

Euro pallets: 33

Max payload: 25 tonne

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