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We find ourselves in a world obsessed with growth and we'd be lying if we said we were any different. As a company, we are always looking for new ways to grow. As a service provider, we're  looking for new ways to help our clients grow, and as industry experts, we're looking for ways in which we can grow to reduce the impact we have on the world around us.


This is where the trees come in...

We pledge to plant a tree for every new customer we have the pleasure of serving. It doesn't matter how big or small the job is; it doesn't matter if they are a one-off customer or looking to open an account with us. We will plant that tree!


You may be asking yourself the question; why trees? There are so many important global and national issues that mankind needs to tackle. How did we come to the decision of planting trees?

The answer to this is simple; we wanted to. As a small company, we are well aware that we alone cannot solve the world's problems. Yet we wanted to be part of a solution. After countless discussions, the decision had been made that our positive attribute to the world will be environmental.

We chose to focus on the environmental needs of the planet not only because it affects each and every person, but because it resonated with us the most. Highly conscious of our carbon footprint, what better way to offset that than with the very thing that we need to breathe?

View our virtual forest at:

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Cité Soleil is a typical Haitian neighborhood, impoverished and dangerous, where the Haitian National Police opt not to conduct patrols. When strolling through its pretty streets and pathways during daylight hours, you will encounter lots of friendly faces and cheerful children playing.


However, one will also witness the blockage of Port-au-Prince's drainage canals originating from the higher reaches of the city. In this tight community of friends and families, one cannot ignore the sounds of gun violence at night.

Sakala is Cite Soleil’s only youth community centre, helping develop children and young adults through athletics, agronomy, and education.  Sakala aims to inspire the 150,000 children of Cite Soleil, in a way that one day a new Cite Soleil will inspire a new Haiti.

This is why we make donations every month to the SAKALA project in Cité Soleil. 

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We want to do more!

At Lorax Couriers, we're are constantly looking for new ways to help those around us, as well as  innovate and evolve with the times. Going forward we would love for our entire fleet to be fully electric. To offer sustainable carbon-neutral solutions to all our clients and partners. To plant a tree for each and every delivery. To increase support our local communities. But, just like the mighty tree, we too must start as a small seed.

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